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With extensive knowledge in process management, our team can enrich the overall competency of your organization.  Learn more about the services that we offer.

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Revenue Cycle Management – Within the wide spectrum of RCM, we can provide specific and tailored support into targeted areas that have a broad impact to the organization’s efficiency and bottom-line.

Payment Posting

Update your accounts receivable efficiently so that downstream processes such as denials processing, patient payments, and collections are not delayed.

Correspondence Management

Process and sort correspondence into organized buckets for efficient review and action.

Reason Code Mapping

Standardize all payer specific proprietary codes and descriptions into ANSI standard CARCs and RARCs and thereby improving denials reporting and management.

Managing an inhouse workforce has its challenges. By becoming your extended business office, we reduce your effort and allow you to focus on your core business by providing:


Once we understand your process, we can take over identifying and hiring staff with the right skill set, training and managing certified staff to meet your expectation.

Demographic Entry
Data Transcription / Translation

With today’s global market, productivity is highly valued. Virtual Assistants can offer that extra pair of hands to help assist with any daily, routine tasks.

Scheduling appointments with reminders
Travel arrangements (hotel, flight, conference registration)
Creating presentations (content given)
Tracking expenses
Updating resumes

Operational improvements through technology enhancements and/or service functions, we provide a fresh lens in helping you achieve your goals. Having specified, designed, and implemented proven market tools, we can get you where you need to go through:

Process Refinement
Workflow Optimization
Product/Software Testing